Who We Are

A critical success factors for any business venture is the caliber and expertise of those persons who will be responsible for the administration, strategic planning and day-to-day operations of the business.

The management team at A2A is captained by Steve Scherri. Steve has been marketing and managing Entertainment properties for over 30 years. A2A brings together a wealth of expertise that ensures a tours success starting with the sourcing of the right individuals to manage all aspects of the event including, artist procurement and liaison, venue selection and site management, tour management, event logistics, technical production, event security, insurance, travel management, ticketing and the prosecution of each stage of the events marketing strategy.

Our People


Artist To Audience Pty Ltd, Managing Director and CEO

Steve Scherri has been described as one of the few all round professionals capable of effectively turning his creatively agile mind to practically every aspect of marketing and advertising practice. He is a specialist at building Entertainment brands with strong strategic planning and presentation skills. Steve is a “blue flame” marketing property and full time entertainment marketing entrepreneur. 15 years marketing Films and Videos. Senior Management positions - Marketing Manager Village Roadshow 1985; Owner Home Cinema Group 1990, Australian Screen Entertainment 1997 and General Manager Sales and Marketing Universal Pictures Video 2000. 15 Years Marketing Entertainment, shows, theatre, Sporting events and music festivals.

Our Story

Artist To Audience (A2A), previously Emedia Campaigns Pty Ltd was established in 2001 as an entertainment marketing service provider specializing online marketing, event branding, artwork and website and database development. In 2005 Emedia Campaigns Pty Ltd set up a separate business to manage the proprietary ticketing software it had developed and Artists to Audience Pty Ltd was established to carry on the Event Marketing activities. In 2010 A2A created SUPAFEST, a national Urban/ Hip Hop music festival. Supafest 2010 was a huge branding and financial success and was credited as the fastest growing music festival of 2012 A2A created the Supafest tour concept, the “brand” and sourced and provided tour funding. Emedia Campaigns underpinned the online marketing, website, social media and event ticketing and database management. A2A sold Supafest as a profitable Music Festival and has since invested in various events including Music tours and Festivals and has secured funding for other events like the Mariah Carey 2012 Tour.

A2A currently has a financial interest the successful regional Music Festival The Big Pineapple Music Festival, co owns The Bondi Beachfest and is touring the iconic and Beach Boys in 2015 A2A has plans to increase our tour activities in 2016.

Our Specialties:

The ability to develop entertainment content, secure or provide funding, negotiate sign on deals, oversee the production process, control budgets, and hire and fire talent.

We take responsibility for the bottom line of a tour project or event.

We are experts in Event Marketing, Digital "Brand" Strategy and Event Logistics;

We live online and own proprietary event ticketing and database management software.